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Avalon, NJ

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Avalon's claim to be cooler than a mile may come true in 2013.  Located to the south of Sea Isle City and to the north of Stone Harbor, it's beautiful beaches and vibrant restaurants make it one of Jersey Shore's premier vacation destinations.  Avalon is home to some of the most expensive real estate on the entire East Coast.  The New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium ranked Avalon's beach 7th among all NJ beaches.  The mix of great beach bars, restaurants, hotels and rental property's available make Avalon a great place to visit.

Avalon Picture

Avalon is the perfect place to visit while staying at your Sea Isle City Rental, a short drive over the Townsends Inlet bridge at the southern end of the island. Located at the northern end of the Seven Mile Beach Island, Avalon is easily one of the top beach towns in Southern New Jersey. It gets its nickname of being 'cooler by a mile' because it extends one mile farther into the ocean on the eastern side as compared to other resorts. The motto also refers to the fact that Avalon occupies 4 miles of Seven Mile Island whereas its southern neighbor Stone Harbor was ranked second.

Another reason why Avalon is so beautiful is that it takes exceptionally good care of its beaches. Avalon provides several tourists amenities which makes it an ideal place to flock during summer. With plentiful parking spaces, sufficient rest rooms, and over 60 dune paths along 4 miles of beach, Avalon certainly is a great place to visit.

During the day you can look forward to a host of recreational activities that include fishing, swimming, surfing, and biking. Avalon has some of the best restaurants that make dining in Avalon an amazing experience.

Map of Avalon