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2015 SIC Beach Replenishment Project

Please Note: Beginning in April 2015 and continuing throughout the summer, there will be a beach replenishment project for Sea Isle City, Strathmere, and Ocean City. The dredge that will be servicing Sea Isle City and Strathmere is scheduled to begin pumping sand in April in Strathmere and work south to the end of Sea Isle City. Sand will be dredged from the ocean floor just off shore and pumped on to the island through a series of pipelines. During this process a maximum section of 1,000 feet of beach will be closed for a three to seven day period.

Although this may cause some inconvenience, this pumping of sand onto the beaches is an amazingly fun process to witness for both adults and children. If you are here while this is going on you'll be in for spectacular treat. More importantly, periodic replenishment of our greatest asset is necessary for our economy, defense against storms, and for your vacation enjoyment!

While there are too many variables to know exactly where the work will be at any given week during the season, the federal, state, county and local governments in conjunction with the contractor on site will do their best to give us periodic updates as the project progresses.

Replenishment is necessary:

“To protect existing development and infrastructure from storm surges, sea-level rise, and shoreline migration, through dune creation and maintenance, beach nourishment projects and construction and repair of shore protection structures.”

For more information, please refer to the official statement from the city: