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Drinking in Sea Isle: Town to have Sobriety Checkpoints

The Sea Isle City Police Department will conduct sobriety checkpoints and patrols starting Aug. 20 for the "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" campaign to curb drunken driving.

The campaign runs though Sept. 6.

The Sea Isle City Police Department is one of many law enforcement agencies in the state participating in the two-week campaign.

Remember: if you plan to drink, designate a driver; take a taxi or call a sober friend to pick you up; or spend the night where the activity is held.

Sea Isle City Real Estate: Lifeguard Stands 101

If you've been to Sea Isle City -- or anywhere along the Jersey shore -- for that matter, you've surely noticed the life guard stands that line the beach. But what's the deal?

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, these lifeguard stands may be geting a makeover soon. Cape May County beach patrol members are testing a prototype made of aluminum instead of the traditional wood. The idea is to devise a lighter and more portable model that is resistant to vandalism and weather damage.

Unlike beaches elsewhere, where the surf line remains relatively unchanged during the day, enabling guards to man permanent stations, high and low tide can vary dramatically in New Jersey. Lifeguard stands must be moved often along the Jersey shore.

If the new chairs are approved, you could be seeing them along the Sea Isle shore by next summer.