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A look back at Hurricane Sandy making landfall In Sea Isle City, NJ

As Hurricane Sandy approached it was seen a category 1 storm that had the possibility of striking the Jersey shore.  It was a great story for TV news channels, who covered the storm from start to finish keeping everyone up to date on the projected path.  As an almost surreal image the Meteorologist had the storm making land fall near Sea Isle City, NJ.  People braced for the worst by boarding up windows and putting sandbags in doorways.  All the people of this tiny beach town could do now was wait for the storm to arrive.  The people of Sea Isle City have been through serious storms in the past but something just didn't seem right with this one.  This was the big storm everyone had feared and it was getting closer and closer to decimating the Jersey Shore.  While some brave citizens decided to stay, most evacuated the barrier island for safer grounds.  The few that stayed behind were in for the ride of a lifetime.  By Sunday Oct. 28th, Sea Isle was already beginning to flood, a whole day before the storm was suppose to make landfall.  The eye of the hurricane came onto shore on Monday afternoon packing 80 MPH winds and storm surges over 10 feet. At high tide the bay and the ocean met causing unprecedented flooding in the city.  When daylight came on Tuesday morning people scrambled to get back onto the island only to find the city was blocked off by police.  All people could do is log onto social media sites and use pictures posted by people who stayed on the island to see the damage that occurred.  When anxious home owners were finally permitted back onto the island they found their garages and ground level bonus rooms were flooded with as much as 4 feet of water. They found sand piles covered the streets. They found debris scattered throughout their property.  What they didn't find was the mass destruction that Sea Isle's neighbors to the north found. Though Sea Isle City's houses and its beaches suffered flood and erosion damage, many residents consider them selves blessed because it could of been much, much worse.  As the clean up continues you can help with the relief efforts by visiting  red cross donate