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Top 5 Ways to Find your Perfect Sea Isle Summer Rental

Courtesy of the folks from New Jersey Shore Guide

1. Start Early 
When it comes to finding that perfect Sea Isle City summer rental, the early bird catches the worm...or, in this case, the beautiful beach front on 4th of July week. Starting your search early will up your chances of finding the prefect home for your family. If you know the exact home and week you want to rent, the absolute best way to secure your rental is to call as early as the summer before. If you are not sure of the home or week, you'll want to look in early December.  The rental market really starts to pick up after the New Year, so if you can start looking before then, you'll be ahead of the game!

2. Hire an Agent that you trust
The main advantage to using one of our Real Estate Agents is that they'll do the legwork for you, weeding out listings that don't match your criteria or that don't live up to their descriptions. For real estate novices, an agent can identify whether something is actually a good deal and how much certain features are really worth. You'll also save money by booking with Sea Winds of Sea Isle.  We are the only agency in the city that does not charge a booking fee!

3. Check our Website early and Often
Has you're dream home already been booked by someone else.  Don't despair!  Our agents are very familiar with our inventory and will be willing to show you a home that is comparable to the one you want.  It is also important to establish contact with one of our agents.  If your week suddenly becomes available due to a cancellation, you'll be first on the list.  You can start your Sea Isle City Rental search here.

4. Prioritize
It's easy to fall for fancy extras or a great decorations, but don't let those eye-catchers make you blind to the things that will really matter when you live there. We're talking size, location (for example, how far it is from town, the beach or bay) and, if you have a four-legged family member, the home's pet policy. After you've got the nonnegotiables covered, use some of those extras you'd love to have (but don't necessarily have to have) to help narrow your search.

5. Sign the Lease
Sometimes homes are rented out by different agencies.  If you fail to sign the lease in a timely matter, another agency may book that perfect place first.  Don't be a victim to procrastination!

Pictures of Sea Isle City recovering from Sandy

Courtesy of the folks from Society Hill Design

Many people contact the office worried that Sea Isle's beaches are destroyed and will not be available for the upcoming summer 2013 season.  The truth is Sea Isle City Public Works have done an amazing job restoring the shore back to normalcy.  They have also been working diligently to repair the promenade as well as access points to the beach.  Summer 2013 will be just as memorable if not more then any summer ever in Sea Isle.  The following pictures show the progress made through out town.  Pictures were take 1-8-2013

Sea Isle Polar Bear Plunge 2013 Weekend

One of Sea Isle City's most anticipated events is quickly approaching.  Sea Isle City's Polar Bear Plunge weekend gets underway Feb. 15th with the crowing of it's queen, kind, princess and prince.  The main event will be the following day (Feb. 16th) at 2pm near JFK Blvd.  The masses will gather to witness the annual event where brave individuals take that faithful leap in to the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  The chaotic scene is an image that will live with you for many years to come.  The costume contest gets underway at 12pm under the tent at La Costa; awards will be handed out at 4pm.  Registration for the plunge is $25 with all proceeds going to sponsor Sea Isle City's Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization.  The final event of the weekend is a 5k run on Sunday.  Sea Winds of Sea Isle Realty Services would like to welcome everyone coming to town to partake in this special weekend.  Contact an agent today or click here for 2013 Polar Bear Plunge rentals