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Surfing in Sea Isle City

This year's Eastern Surfing Association’s Northeast Regionals, which is the qualifying event for the Eastern Surfing Championships, will be held this weekend on the 40th Street Beach in Sea Isle City.

Sea Isle City Surfing

The Eastern Surfing Association is the world’s largest amateur surfing organization, with more than 25 districts from Maine to Florida, the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes.

At the end of each season, the best surfers qualify to surf the following spring to determine who heads to the championship which is held on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in September.

The Northeast Regionals have been held up and down the East Coast, including: Newport, Rhode Island; Montauk, New York (in the Hamptons); and in Rye, New Hampshire.  But this year, we are lucky to have it held right here in Sea Isle City!  This is sure to be a big advantage for South New Jersey surfers, which always do well in this competition.

The Eastern Surfing Association last held the Regionals in Sea Isle in 2001.