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Bar Spotlight: Springfield Inn

We all have one: a favorite Sea Isle City bar.

According to the Jersey Shore Guide, the first bar anyone new to Sea Isle must check out first, is the Springfield Inn.

Of it, they say;

No, the Springfield Inn is not a Hotel or Restaurant. The Springfield in is an outside bar that makes you feel like you are on a tropical Island, and an inside bar that brings in the hottest bands to keep you rockin all night long. During the afternoon and evening, the Carousel, which was actually a merry go round house many many years ago, is now a modern day tiki hut where patrons can sit in the summer breeze and watch the bronzed bodies walk by while sipping on a favorite drink. During the late afternoons, a small one, two, or three piece band will entertain you with the best songs of the present and past. From 4PM until 8PM, you will have music, drinks, a cool breeze, and fun like nowhere else at the Jersey Shore.

As the sun goes down, the inside bar gets ready for an evening of partying. On the weekends, there will be a jam session from 4PM till 8PM with what the locals call the House Band. Currently the Juliano Brothers will rock the house with music from The Who, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and many other favorites from the 70’s on up to the current music. This jam session brings in both the young and old because everyone can relate and enjoy what the Juliano Brothers play.

Later in the evening the Bar reopens around 9PM and continues on with either one or two bands and DJ’s throughout the summer. The music goes on with bands such as Le Compt, Drop Dead Sexy, and Loud Mouth, until 2AM.

The Springfield Inn is a definite party spot in Sea Isle City. Although it has not changed in appearance in the past several decades, the people know where to go when they want to party and the Springfield Inn is the place to go in Sea Isle City.

Located on 43rd and the Promenade, the Springfield Inn is a must-see while you're here enjoying your summer rental.

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